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Prince Charles wanted these names for William and Harry, but Diana said “No”.

Prince Charles

Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not agree on a lot of things during their bitter 10-year marriage. Deciding baby names was one of them. 

Like most of the parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana had different ideas about what to name their children.

The British Royals follow their tradition when it comes to picking out names for royal babies. They often refer monarchs of the past. That is why we can still see quite a number of George, Philip, Henry, Elizabeth, and Victoria in the British royal family tree.


Princess Diana gave birth to her first born, in June in the year 1982. He was given the name, William Arthur Philip Louis. After two years, she gave birth to her and Prince Charles’ second child, Prince Harry. He was given the name, Henry Charles Albert David.

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In an old recorded interview that went on to be published in the controversial 1992 book on Diana’s life: ‘Diana: Her Story’ by Andrew Morton, the late princess admitted that she picked the first names for both of her sons. But, only after mixing the ones Prince Charles had in mind.

When asked: “Who chose Prince Harry’s name”? Diana replied: “I did actually. I chose William and Harry. But Charles did the rest. He really wanted Albert and Arthur, and then I said no”.

Princess Diana may have been on to something.

However, the Duke of Cambridge, William can always choose a different regal name when he becomes the King. You will be surprised to know that even Prince Charles, who was christened Charles Philip Arthur George, is expected to be known as King George VII. It will be when he takes the British throne.

Prince William also paid homage to both of his parents. This he paid with the names of his three children as George Alexander Louis, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and Louis Arthur Charles.

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  • Princess Diana also revealed:-

There was a heartbreaking comment that Charles made shortly after the couple’s second child, Harry’s birth. “His first comment was, ‘Oh God, it’s a boy’. And he is even got red hair'”.

Prince Charles was vocal about his desire for a daughter. He reportedly told Princess Diana’s mother at Harry’s christening that “We were so disappointed. We thought it would be a girl”.