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Royal Feud: How Prince Charles branded Prince Edward an ‘Idiot after big row’

Prince Charles

Prince Charles furiously branded his younger brother, Prince Edward, an ‘idiot’ during a ‘big row’. It occurred after he invaded the privacy of Prince William.

When Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were born, some claim it was like a second family for Queen Elizabeth. Well, that’s strange.

It had been almost a decade since Anne was born and Charles, almost 12, was away at school. It is widely believed that the age difference between the brothers is one of the main reasons Charles never really got along with Andrew and Edward. And, over the years, rumoured brotherly feuds received a lot of publicity.

There were a lot of clashes between the brothers.

2019 Channel 5 documentary: “The Royals at War” recalls one of the most brutal clashes between Charles and Edward. It reportedly happened after Edward invaded the privacy of his elder brother’s son, William in 2001. Royal author Katie Nicholl explained, saying:-

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“When William was at university, and a very strict issue from the Palace to the media had gone out. There was going to be a protocol when Prince William arrived. And after that, the press was to leave the Prince alone. There was one camera crew that stuck around”.

Royal biographer, Penny Junor added, saying:-

“They said ‘we work for Prince Edward. So you know, we have got permission to be here. They said ‘you certainly have not’. And it all grew to a big row”. Ms Nicholl claimed that led to Charles calling Edward. And “in no uncertain terms, telling him he was an idiot and perhaps a choice few words other than that”.

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She also added: “The message was quite clear: ‘You have behaved inappropriately. Leave St Andrews immediately’. Despite the clash, Prince Charles is said to have had a more sour relationship with his other brother, Prince Andrew”.

There were many things revealed in this Channel 5 documentary.

According to the documentary, the rivalry between the two may have been caused by Her Majesty’s apparent favouritism towards the Duke of York. Former royal butler Paul Burrell said in this documentary:-

“I know it sounds odd but it is true. Andrew has always been the Queen’s favourite son. He has never done anything wrong in her eyes”. Penny Junor agreed and said: “I think Andrew is quite a favourite with Her Majesty. And I suspect she might have a bit of blind spot for him”.