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Why Prince Charles connect more with Princess Charlotte than Prince George?

Prince Charles

We all know and love Princess Diana. Not only did she wish to connect with the public through her candid interviews, but it’s also clear she loved her family.

Many royals weren’t too hands-on with their kids.

However, Princess Diana wanted the world to know she loved Prince William and Prince Harry more than anyone. While we recall Harry and William’s tight relationship with their mother, their connection to their father is more complicated.

But, what about now?

Well, now that both sons are having children of their own, we’re all wondering what Charles is like with his grandchildren. Here’s why we think Prince Charles may have a closer relationship with Charlotte over George.

He may not be the most outspoken of the royals, but the Prince of Wales can’t contain the love he has for his grandchildren.

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Recently, Hello! revealed that Charles has shown off a photo of his grandchildren, George, Charlotte and Louis. That picture resides in his living room.

Charles also revealed that when he heard the news of the Duchess of Sussex’’s pregnancy, he toasted several times in celebration.

He’s also spoken candidly about life as a grandfather.

It’s well-documented that during his sons’ childhoods he wasn’t around nearly as much as Diana. And so, he’s definitely taking an active interest in the little royals now.

Prince Charles said: “It is very important to create a bond when they are in their childhood. It’s a different part of your life. The great thing is to encourage them. Show them things to take their interest”.

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Princess Diana said Prince Charles always wanted a daughter.

Princess Diana once spoke in an interview about her second pregnancy. She said: “As soon as Harry was born, our whole marriage went down the drain”.

In fact, six weeks prior, their relationship was the closest it’d ever been. And that was alleged because Charles wanted a little girl. 

We know that Charles and Harry have a close relationship now. But even so, we’re sure he was elated when little Princess Charlotte was born. She could be like the daughter he never had.