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See incredible throwback photos of a teenage Prince Harry at Eton college


Prince Harry was just like any other teenage boy, who went to college. While being at the college, he tried and did different things all at the same time.

 We have some memorable pictures of Prince Harry spending his time at his college.

We’ve unearthed some entertaining throwback photos of the Duke of Sussex, Harry at his sixth-form college, Eton. 

The fun loving royal, allowed photographers into his independent boarding school in Berkshire back in 2003, when he was 18 and had just completed his A-Levels.

These pictures captured more than just Prince Harry.

In these images, Prince Harry can be seen making toast, posing next to the colourful paintings he created for his art A-Level, and polishing his boots on his bed.

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These pictures depicts a lot about Harry. These pictures tells us that Prince Harry was living a normal life just like any other teenager. He did all his work on his own without any staff to help him. 

In the pictures Prince Harry can also be seen wearing his Eton uniform of black tailcoat, matching waistcoat and pinstriped trousers.

Prince Charles confirmed Harry’s A-Level results. 

The Prince of Wales revealed that his son, Harry achieved a B in Art and a D in Geography.

He added: “I am very proud of Harry. He has worked hard for these examinations and I am very pleased with today’s results”.

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Harry was also House Captain of Games at Eton, and represented his school at rugby, cricket and polo. He was also a member of the Combined Cadet Force.

Fast forward to year 2018, and Prince Harry is a grown-up man who recently got married to the love of his life, Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are happily married and share a great bond with each other.