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Old photo of the Queen looking windswept becomes a funny royal meme.


Queen Elizabeth has been the centre of the attraction during her long reign. Whether it’s on the social media or on any other platform, she has dazzled in the best way possible.

And, just because she is loved by not only the British, but almost everybody, she has a unique way of being popular on social media.

However, the context may vary sometimes. An old photo of Her Majesty the Queen looking windswept has sent tabloids into a photo-editing frenzy. Michael Jackson many more reworked snaps of Queen Elizabeth visiting the Duke of Cambridge, William.

The 2011 image is taken when the longest-reigning British monarch clinging to her hat whilst visited her grandson, Prince William at Royal Air Force Valley on Anglesey.

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Anglesey is an island off the coast of northwest Wales. The photo went viral again on Friday after some tabloids shared it on the social networking sites.

Her Majesty has way of getting popular.

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At present, the Queen is 92 years-old. And so, due to her work load at such an age, she has started passing on some of her royal duties to other members of the royal family. Those members include, the Prince of Wales, Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

Not to forget, the newlyweds and soon to become royal parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Due to her passing on the duties, she is seen much less as compared to her previous years of reign. And so, this is a unique and new way of Queen Elizabeth getting famous on the social networking platform.