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This old photo of Princess Diana tells us a lot about Princess Charlotte.


Many royal fans would fight that Princess Charlotte is the image of her father, Prince William. However, we can’t help but notice how much the tot is morphing into her grandmother.

And by grandmother, we mean the late Princess of Wales, Diana. All thanks to a collage.

As little Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is set to turn four-years-old this May, 2019, the royal is starting to develop her features. And, what we noticed was that they are strikingly similar to her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

You can clearly see the resemblance between the two.

From her small, but pretty eyes, to her nose and to her pout, there’s no denying that little Charlotte looks very similar to her father’s side of the family. Many royals fans couldn’t even believe the similarities taking to the comments they wrote. 

One fan commented saying:- “Goodness. I thought she looked like her father, William. But with the pictures of Princess Diana next to her as a child its amazing how much they resemble”.

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While another fan wrote: “She would be so proud of her boys and grandchildren. Princess Charlotte inherited her grandmother’s expression. And she really has resemblances to both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana”.

But Princess Charlotte isn’t the only one taking after her father and grandmother.

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So, wondering about whom are we talking? Well, it’s none other than our little Prince George, who is also the third in line to the British throne. Many also believe that Prince George has inherited his father’s royal looks. Many noticed similarities between the Duke of Cambridge and his first born, Prince George at a similar age.

Keeping all things aside, this very year, 2019 will be the Cambridge’s first full year as a family of five. As our newest addition to the family, Prince Louis was born on April 23, 2018.