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Prince Philip once refused to accept a picture of the Queen – see his funny remark!


The royals always receive presents from members of the public during their engagements. But, Prince Philip once refused to accept a gift at an engagement.

 The Duke of Edinburgh gave an amusing reason why?

Photographer Paul Ratcliffe shared his funny anecdote in a series of tweets on Sunday. He shared with his followers that as a birthday gift to the monarch he had framed one of his photos to present to her. 

Ratcliffe wrote:-

“Royal Anecdote Time! HM’s 90th Birthday – Windsor. Her Majesty other side of road. As special gift I’d framed one of my photos to present. Prince Philip comes past”.

“I politely offer the photo. And what I here in return was ‘I don’t want that and neither does the Queen. She knows what she looks like!’ he bluntly says”, the photographer recalled.

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However, it appears the gift eventually did find its way to the monarch.

Paul added: “I stood there really not knowing how to answer that politely. Then the very kind Lady Mayor of Windsor takes it and says ‘I will make sure the Queen gets it'”.

Although Prince Philip wasn’t as tactful as he could have been in refusing the thoughtful gift. The British royal family do have to follow strict protocol when it comes to accepting and keeping the presents.

Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh and the other royals are not allowed to receive freebies from businesses or people they do not personally know, to prevent them being exploited for commercial purposes.

The guidelines on the royal family’s official website state:-

“Gifts offered by private individuals living in the United Kingdom not personally known to the Member of the Royal Family should be refused where there are concerns about the motives of the donor or the gift itself”.

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The only gifts that can be accepted are flowers, foodstuff and other consumable items, copies of books presented by the author and other items of small monetary value. 

As for any other gifts that do not fall under these categories, consideration are to be given to returning them to the donor if it is believed that the donor or any organisation might be able to make better use of them than the royals.