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Prince Philip leaves hospital after two stressful nights.

Prince Philip leaves hospital after two full inspection nights. He has bounced back from an infection at the age of 96. The Duke had missed the State Opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot over fears for his health.

He had been admitted to King Edward hospital in London. As a precautionary measure, for an infection following the advice of his experienced doctor. He now has left the private hospital he was admitted in. By quietly slipping out through the back door of the hospital before anybody can see him.

The Duke and the Queen, drives back home after getting discharged from hospital, in their car.

There was a lot f concern for Prince Philip given his age. He is now said to have been out of bed yesterday and that too in “good spirits”.

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“I can confirm that Prince Philip left hospital this morning”. Prince Charles said his father was “getting better” following a meeting with faith leaders at a Finsbury Park mosque.

We can believe that somehow. As the Duke was at the Queen’s side on Tuesday for the opening day of Royal Ascot.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Trooping the Colour last weekend


Prince Philip has enjoyed good health throughout much of his life. Once recovering from a blocked coronary artery in 2011 and a bladder infection in 2012, it made him to miss the majority of Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and spend a period in hospital. Though, his decision to retire from the public duties after the summer was not health-related.



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