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Why Prince Philip might not attend Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding?


Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding with Jack Brooksbank will be taking place soon. And now that the wedding preparations are going on, we have some doubts.

Will the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip attend her grand-daughter’s wedding?

Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack will take place on October 12, 2018. And, the majority of the British royal family is expected to attend. However, there’s one person on whom we have our doubts.

That would be Prince Philip.

According to some recent reports, the Duke of Edinburgh, might skip Princess Eugenie’s wedding altogether, and his reason is sort of relatable.

We all know that Prince Philip makes his own rules, including whether or not he attends important family events. As he has officially retired from his royal duties, it’s really on him now.

Notably, both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were recently unable to attend Prince Louis’ christening.

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An insider told The Royal UK: “He does what he wants”.

It’s worth noting that Prince Philip made it to the Harry and Meghan’s big day in May 2018. Would he really miss the marriage of one of his other grandchildren?

The insider then told The Royal UK: “Some family drama may keep Prince Philip away from Princess Eugenie’s big day. He made a supreme effort for Harry. I would be very surprised if he did go, because he is so estranged from Fergie”.

“I think he will probably decide at the last hour. Fergie is, of course, Sarah Ferguson, and mother of the bride”.

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While the Duke of Edinburgh is estranged from his son, Prince Andrew’s former wife, it’s possible that he will overlook this for the sake of his granddaughter.

A royal source also allegedly revealed to The Royal UK that the location of the wedding is incredibly important to the bride. He said: “Eugenie is local to the area and spent a lot of her life in Windsor”.