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How Prince Philip ensured his greatest sacrifice to the Queen was NOT in vain?


Prince Philip didn’t have any power to stop the changes to his life when he married the future Queen. But, he made sure that his greatest sacrifice was not in vain.

 The Duke of Edinburgh made a huge sacrifice for Her Majesty.

Prince Philip chose to spend a lifetime by the side of the Queen, instead of pursuing his military career further, when he tied the knot with Princess Elizabeth.

And when his wife was crowned Queen, he threw himself into modernising the royal family to overcome the disappointment of the premature loss of his professional career in the Royal Navy.

Things changed rapidly for Philip.

Prince Philip knew his family days in his beloved home, Clarence House, were behind him. And they would have to up go to Buckingham Palace as his wife took on her duties as Queen.

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But Philip was determined to make his mark. Although he was powerless to prevent the move, he decided to modernise the way things were done at the palace.

He started his work as soon as he entered Buckingham Palace.

He set up the Organisation and Methods Review. It saw him ask every single member of staff what they were doing and why, and visited each of the 600 rooms to see what was going on.

Some of the older courtiers were horrified, but on the whole Philip’s questions and changes went down well. He vowed to act as Queen Elizabeth’s eyes and ears when he married her.

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Philip, who is now 97, was formally made a British prince in 1957 by his wife, just before his wedding to Her Majesty. And after more than 65 years by the side of his wife, Philip certainly made his mark, only retiring at the grand old age of 96 in August last year.