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The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip is out of danger: The prayers were heard.


The world was praying for Prince Philip. And, it seems like those prayers were heard as his condition gets better. Prince Philip is reportedly under recovery now.

Buckingham Palace confirmed yesterday, that he is recovering from his surgery at the London hospital,

Buckingham Place’s statement read:-

“The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip has undergone a successful hip replacement operation on Tuesday. He is progressing satisfactorily at this early stage. His Royal Highness is certainly asked by the doctors to stay in hospital for several days. He is comfortable and in good spirits”.

However, he wants to be at the public engagements.

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Prince Philip had no choice but to cancel his appearance from the royal family’s Easter service. The service was only attended by Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton at Windsor Castle.

According to some reports, he was also asked to cancel his appearance at the traditional Maundy service. It was was held at St. George’s Chapel. But now, he wants to get out of the hospital and meet the public.

One of our royal source mentioned:-

 “He is in recovery. But, he also knows that his people, his country has prayed for him and he just wants to show some gratitude towards them. He personally wants go out on a public engagement, and wants to thank all of them who prayed for him”.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip retired from all his public engagements and services last year. Earlier, it was said that he might appear at public events along his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

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The Royal UK wants to thank all our readers who prayed for the Duke of Edinburgh. Your prayers were heard, as Prince Philip recovers from his surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Long live the Monarchy