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The 1 passion Princess Diana never got to pursue.


Princess Diana has always been known for her fascinating life as a British royal. But, she led an equally interesting life before marrying Prince Charles.

She had her own interests, dreams and passions. 

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Let’s start out with Princess of Wales, Diana’s childhood.

Princess Diana grew up in a wealthy household in Norfolk, England. Her father’s family, the Spencer’s, were closely allied with the British royal family. Diana’s maternal grandmother, Ruth Roche was a member of the court of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

In the year 1973, Diana joined her sisters at West Heath Girls’ School. Though she didn’t excel in academics, she was indeed a talented athlete.

As she continued to explore herself, she came across the one and only passion of her life, she wanted to pursue. 

Aside from swimming and diving, Diana was incredibly passionate about ballet. Her passion was so intense and serious that she went on studying it in her school. Then, a problem raised. She was way too tall to become a professional ballerina.

But, her love for the art continued indeed well into her days as a Royal Family member. She would often go out and attend various performances in London. Seeing that, would make all her difficulties go away for a while. Her passion for Ballet never died. She somehow managed to continue it even after getting into the royal family.

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According to our research, she was a huge supporter of the ‘English National Ballet’ until her death in August 1997. Looking at this, Diana’s passion for Ballet, it’s clear to see where Prince William and Prince Harry get their sporty side.



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