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Paparazzi photos of Prince Charles and Camilla on the beach are causing controversy

Prince Charles

The Prince Charles’ solicitor reportedly sent a letter to various press U.K based organisations who ran the pics “highlighting his reasonable expectation to privacy”.

Earlier this week, the Prince of Wales, Charles along with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla kicked off their 13-day tour of the Caribbean.

It is a whirlwind trip in which they will take part in more than 50 engagements on 10 different islands. But even with a jam-packed schedule, the royal couple managed to spend a few moments relaxing. And not just like that, but they decided to spend some time on the beach in Barbados.

Well, it has now caused some problems for Charles and Camilla.

Now, the paparazzi photos of Prince Charles and Camilla Paler Bowles have been scandalised. With some pictures of them walking with towels on the beach. While some of the Prince of Wales, Charles enjoying an ocean swim are causing a big controversy.

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According to the Press Association: “A source said the pictures were taken during a brief off-duty moment on a major international tour on behalf of the Government. Those pictures were taken in circumstances where the couple would have a reasonable expectation of privacy during private down time”.

Official royal precautions and process was started immediately.

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The prince’s solicitor has reportedly sent a letter to various press organisations. As those various organisations ran the pictures “highlighting Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ reasonable expectation to privacy”.

The Royal UK immediately reached out Clarence House for comments on the given situation. However, so far, the Clarence House has declined to comment on this particular matter.

Hopefully, concern over the images won’t derail the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Charles and Camilla on their historic trip. In a few days time, they will be the first members of the British royal family to make an official visit to Cuba.