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Buckingham Palace shares rare pics of Queen Elizabeth in honor of UK Mother’s Day

Queen Elizabeth

In honour of Mother’s Day in the U.K. yesterday, the Palace shared a rare assortment of photos of the Queen parenting her now 4 adult children. 

Sure, Her Majesty is the ruler of the Commonwealth, but she’s also a mum of four royal children. It was a special day for all the mothers in the U.K.

Queen Elizabeth’s 4 children are Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Between raising four kids and ruling the country, we honestly can’t decide which has been a harder job. The palace tweeted, “Wishing our followers a very Happy Mothering Sunday! #MothersDay”.

There was also a photo collage of Queen Elizabeth with her kids.

As the Twitter account explained: “These photos show Her Majesty with each of her children. From left to right with the Prince of Wales in 1950 at @ClarenceHouse, with Princess Anne in Balmoral in 1955, Prince Andrew in 1960 and holding Prince Edward in 1965 in Windsor. #MothersDay”

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The picture was taken of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles was captured before she even became Queen. Her acquiring the throne, did not happen until 1952. It was when her father, King George VI, passed away.

Before becoming Queen, Elizabeth resided at Clarence House with the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip and their first born, Charles. Today, Prince Charles, lives there with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. 

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What about the other pictures in the collage?

Well, the snap of Princess Anne and her mother shows Her Majesty introducing her daughter to her favourite pastime. Since then, Princess Anne, has become an avid equestrian just like her mother.

The picture of Prince Andrew definitely calls to mind pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince Louis during his christening. And the snap of Prince Edward practising his royal wave proves the Cambridge kids aren’t the only ones who learned the family calling card from a young age.