Princess Charlotte

Have you ever noticed this adorable detail about Princess Charlotte?


Most of us just focus on what William and Kate are doing and how were they looking at that event and so on. But, what about Princess Charlotte?

Have you ever noticed Princess Charlotte so deeply that you can make out this thing?

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Last year, in 2017 Prince William and Kate Middleton released their Christmas holiday card. The perfect picture, was taken before they announced that William and Kate are expecting their third born. It is also one of their last official picture as a family of four.

The official photo of four signified a perfect family.

It was captured by royal photographer, Chris Jackson. He was also the one who snapped the lovely picture of Prince George and Prince William together on George’s first day of school in September 2017.

Both, Prince George and his little sister, Princess Charlotte were looking absolutely adorable in the image.

George, shows his naughty side with one sock rolled down, while Charlotte is an absolute image of her mother in a blue dress and matching shoes. But, there was one interesting thing that royal fans have not noticed yet about Charlotte. The royal toddler was wearing a blue bow in her hair. To our surprise, wearing of that bow has indeed become a bit of a trademark.

There were many times when Princess Charlotte was spotted wearing a bow matching to her dress.

She also sported a red bow when the family visited Warsaw back in July. Then, a pink one in Hamburg that very month and a blue version in Berlin again a few days later. To tell you, she’s pretty much worn one bow for every public appearance she’s made.

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Kate Middleton has been a style icon for every girl and lady all over the world. Who knows, whether she is helping her daughter make a fashion statement or if she’s just trying to keep her flicks out of her eyes. But, whichever the case maybe, it’s pretty cute.