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This is the nickname ‘Disgruntled’ palace staff have given Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle

It has been reported that palace staff has given the Duchess of Sussex a rather mean nickname. And one that she is, understandably, not too fond of. 

Well, the nickname is mean, so it’s safe to say that the mother-to-be is quite upset about it. So much so, that she doesn’t even want them around at all.

Society magazine, Tatler wrote in an article called: ‘One Year of Meghanomania’ that her staff in the royal households have begun to call her ‘Me-Gain’. That’s pretty rough for anyone. Let alone, a woman who is expecting a child soon, will all the hormonal changes and royal pressures.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

The magazine recalls the abuse that Sarah Ferguson was given when she entered the royal family. However “Meghan Markle has seen nothing like that. Even though staff at Kensington Palace are now calling her ‘Me-Gain'”.

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It was only announced a few weeks ago that the mother-to-be, Meghan’s personal assistant, Amy Pickerell, left her role. Amy is the third of the Duchess of Sussex’s royal aides to leave the palace in the space of a few months. 

A source from Kensington Palace explained why Amy’s departure is imminent.

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The source explained all of it while in conversation with Harper’s Bazaar.

“Amy is leaving after the arrival of the baby. The Duchess will be very sad to see her go. But, she is excited for her as Amy has exciting plans ahead including spending some time abroad. Amy had originally planned on staying until at least the end of the year”.

However, with the baby coming, it makes sense to help recruit someone now. A person who can pick up when the Duchess returns to her official work. They will definitely stay in touch and Amy will be on hand for any advice and help that is needed in the future”.