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A new revelation about Queen Elizabeth is on the cards.


Queen Elizabeth failed to remove something personal in some new photographs. Now, the fans of the Royal Family can’t believe what they’ve found out about the 91-year-old ruling monarch.

Queen of England has left all the Royal Family fans in shock after revealing something unexpected during her latest Royal appointment.

The 91-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth has delighted Royal Family fans everywhere by accidentally giving an insight into her very own downtime. The Queen of England was recently photographed at her home in Balmoral Castle. The picture showed her shaking hands with the Governor General of Australia.

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Prince William’s beloved and very old grandmother who also reportedly has a secret Facebook account looked indeed impeccable in a Scottish tartan skirt, black shirt and a cute red cardigan for the recent Royal engagement.

However, eagle-eyed Royal fans quickly pointed out that there was an unexpected electronic gadget in the room. It was a classic silver iPod in a docking station.

Followers of Queen Elizabeth who has very exciting privileges when it comes to driving her car were delighted by the electronic gadget. There were rumours that Her Majesty gave a rare glimpse into her private life enjoyments.

“The Queen is still rocking an iPod Classic. Naturally”.

While a second wrote: “I’ve heard about it over the years but never seen it myself ever. Now I have the confirmation that the Queen has an iPod”.

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And a fourth: “Love the fact that the Queen has an old iPod Classic hooked up to sound speaker in the background”.

But the most questionable thing is, what does she listen to on her iPod? Well, According to the experts it is not what you would expect.


“The Queen is quite a big fan of musicals, traditional hymns, Scottish ballads and even the Beach Boys’ songs. One which is the most favourite of Her Majesty is ‘California Girls'”.

There is nothing more heartwarming than the idea of Queen of Great Britain listening to California Girls!