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Prince Harry’s cousin-in-law thinks Meghan Markle will do “absolutely fine” as a Royal.

Mike Tindall

Well, Meghan Markle has finally received her first public stamp of approval from a member of the Royal Family.

During a recent candid interview, Prince Harry’s cousin-in-law, Mike Tindall, spoke out about Harry’s one-year long relationship with the Suits actress, Meghan Markle.

Tindall said:

“Despite the “nerve-racking” experience of dating a Royal, Markle has been under enough scrutiny and pressure in her day-to-day life. So I’m sure she will fully get through it. She will just be fine”.

While Zara Phillips’s husband revealed that he has yet to meet Prince Harry’s other half. Mike said “it will be really nice to meet her. As long as they both are happy, that’s all that you need or you can ask for. Meghan will indeed do absolutely fine”.

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Prince Harry, Zara Phillips, and Mike Tindall pose for a photograph

To make the matter even more exciting and fascinating, Mike is also a big fan of Meghan’s show.

Mike Tindall also added:

“I am obviously a big fan of ‘Suits’. It is indeed a very good and an outstanding show. I am definitely going to try and get the inside scoop on it for sure”.

Before Mike Tindall married Zara Phillips in July 2011, he was a brilliant rugby player for Bath Rugby and Gloucester Rugby. So if anyone who knows the responsibility and pressure that comes along with being a commoner and dating a Royal, it’s Mike Tindall.

Prince Harry Mike Tindall compete in a Wheelchair Rugby exhibition match in the Copper Box Arena during the Invictus Games on September 12, 2014.

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Well, The Royal UK wishes Meghan Markle all the best for her upcoming challenges.