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How do the Royal family members celebrate New Year’s eve?

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For the royal family, Christmas is filled with church services, dinners and exchanging gifts. But when Christmas is over, how do they to celebrate the New Year?

Some of them are planning what to do on the New Year’s Eve, while others opt for exclusive house parties.


Once the royal family has left Sandringham estate after the Christmas celebration, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip usually invite their friends and other royal family members to stay with them over the New Year.

It’s the high styled celebration, which has always featured on the top of their chosen list of activities, They never miss to attend the church on New Year’s Day. Her Majesty often kicks off the New Year with an embracing ride on one of her beloved horses.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate truly love welcoming the New Year with a cosy and warm house party. Even before they were married, Kate Middleton along with the Middleton family booked a holiday home in Scotland to celebrate the occasion.

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Prince William and Kate celebrated their first post-wedding New Year with the Middletons’ in their back garden. The couple often spends New Year’s Eve with the Middletons. Though in the year 2012, when Catherine was in the early stages of her pregnancy with her firstborn, George, William was on Search and Rescue duty. Meanwhile, she was in Berkshire with her family.


Well, his tastes are more filled with uniqueness. As a handsome bachelor, he went to the Swiss ski resort of Verbier with some friends and cousins. In the year 2013, he was at the Crooked Billet pub in Berkshire. And last year he was seen vacationing in LA.

Now that he’s engaged, we will see what Prince Harry and his fiancé, Meghan Markle do on their first New Year’s Eve as an official royal couple.

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After spending the festive time with their respective families, the old royal couple normally heads to the Scottish Highlands. Their home, Birkhall, is located on Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate and used to belong to the Queen Mother. Last year there was not much of a celebration, but the couple had a quality time with each other.