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Meghan Markle is getting a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s?


Meghan is so much in love with her fiance, that she just can’t leave him alone. And now, she can’t bear the sight of Harry standing alone at ‘Madame Tussaud’s’.

Meghan Markle fans can soon see her in all her glory in London and New York.

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Prince Harry and Meghan are all set to be married in England on May 19. But before that, fans will have a chance to get up close to the actress in both New York and London. Why? 

Meghan is getting her very own wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s.

She will be joining her husband-to-be and will be standing just next to his wax figure. But, since her full figure won’t be released until May, the details of exactly how the figure will look still remain a mystery.

The Madame Tussaud’s representatives stated: “The choice will reflect an iconic moment in Meghan’s royal journey so far”. 

Meghan will be commemorated in wax alongside famed celebrities that include everyone from Selena Gomez to Marilyn Monroe. Her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry indeed have sparked the attention of thousands who await the grand ceremony taking place in St. George’s Chapel. 

Edward Fuller, general manager of the London attraction said in a statement: “It’s clear that the public has already taken Meghan Markle to their hearts. They are one half of arguably the most famous royal couple in the world right-now. She’s already made her own mark as a humanitarian and role model for many.

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The representatives are yet to announce an exact date for Meghan’s unveiling. However, the wax museum in New York will also be offering free admission to anyone named Meghan or Harry through May 19, 2018.

Many people might not know this particular thing. But, Meghan Markle will be the first U.S. citizen to join the British royal family in the past 80 years.