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Meghan Markle tries on ‘Wedding Dresses’ as Prince Harry engagement excitement mounts.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend has been recently spotted trying on wedding dresses in Toronto, Canada, because of the fueling Royal engagement rumors.

The Suits actress, Meghan Markle was reportedly seen out looking for an ‘evening dress’ in Canada when she suddenly decided to check out wedding gowns.

“She thought it’d be fun. She was with a couple of people and they all thought she looked gorgeous”.
The American actress, Meghan Markle was seen trying on two outfits by the Toronto based designer, Paloma Blanca. As stated there were two outfits she tried on. One was a traditional outfit with a strapless bodice and ruffled skirt. Whereas on the other hand an exposed midriff. Meghan Markle also admitted that the latter would be too much for a ‘Royal Wedding‘.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been dating for a year

What FRIENDS said about the dresses?

“Meghan joked that she couldn’t walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in it. But the fact she’s trying on dresses and thinking about their Royal Wedding shows how serious both of them are. Prince Harry hasn’t proposed her yet but it’s very much on the cards”.

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Meghan’s Suits character is set to marry fiancé Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) in the series

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating for a year now. The pair spent time together at Kensington Palace before Meghan flew back to Canada for work on. Prince Harry is thought to be preparing to pop out the question to Meghan Markle soon.

During Suits press conference, Meghan declined to answer any questions about a possible engagement. However her co-star Patrick J. Adams also said few things about Markle.

Meghan Markle in a wedding dress for the series 5 finale of Suits


“How nice is it, though to see Meghan so happy in her personal life. Meghan and I have been such good friends for years now and to see her so happy is great. She’s super excited. I’m super happy for her and she’s been such a pro in this season and it’s going so well”.



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