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Why Meghan can’t stop touching her baby bump?

We’ve seen a lot of Meghan Markle in the past two weeks. And it’s being remarked on just how much she’s been clutching her baby bump. 

Meghan and Harry announced that they were expecting a baby on the first day of their tour of Australia.

And now, this news has become the big focus of their trip. The royal bride hasn’t shied away from the glare of the media since sharing the news.

But, she has appeared to be protective of her stomach while in public.

Some recent reports have suggested that Meghan Markle, who is thought to be in her second trimester, is trying to draw attention to her bump.

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However, a midwife has suggested that she might already be feeling her not-yet-born baby’s first movements. Well, that’s something new we are hearing.

According to Lesley Gilchrist:-

“Although most women will start to feel their baby move by around 18 to 20 weeks, some women may feel this sooner. Fluttering is actually the first sensation that is felt”.

“However gas movement through the your gut feels similar and this may cause an instinctive, involuntary touching of your stomach”. Not only this, it could also be a natural impulse to protect her tummy”.

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“For many women, they will be unaware that they are instinctively ‘guarding’ their baby. Many of those kinds of instincts are triggered when thoughts of their baby, a sight of another baby and discussions of baby happen around you”.

Well, that’s quite fair enough. As the royal couple is greeted by crowds of people everywhere they go. And so, no surprise that Meghan Markle really feels like she wants to guard her stomach.