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Where will Meghan Markle stay the night before her wedding?


Royal traditions have been broken earlier for Meghan. Will this tradition too will be broken? Will Meghan be with her groom the night before her wedding?

The tradition says you cannot stay with the groom. But, will the soon-to-be royal follow it? Let’s find out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly aren’t afraid to stray from the tradition. But now, when it is the question of the night before the wedding, the royal couple is keeping things right by following the tradition and spending the evening apart.

So, now we know that Meghan will be spending time alone in the night before her wedding. Now, here we have gathered some places for you to have a look. 

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According to some reports, there are literally several apartments within Meghan’s venue where the she could put up prior to her nuptials. Windsor is clearly an important place for the couple, so it would make sense for Meghan and her family to spend time there in advance of the wedding.


This lodge is located just about a mile from Windsor Castle. This one is another possible option for Meghan’s last night as a single woman. There was a time when the lodge was a favourite residence of the Queen Mother, and now it is the official home of the Duke of York.


Very much like Windsor, Frog-more House also holds a significant meaning for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Why? That’s because they took their engagement photos there.

This royal residence, which is located in Home Park of Windsor Castle, was originally bought for Queen Charlotte. For a short time, Frog-more House was the rumoured place of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception. But, later on it was announced that they would be using St. George’s Hall at Windsor for the event.

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If not on any of the above places then here. While it’s likely that Ms Meghan will stay outside the city, London is just an hour by car from Windsor Castle. The bride-to-be sleeping a bit closer to home on the night before her wedding, is indeed a workable option.