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Why is Meghan Markle always standing behind Kate Middleton?

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You might have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is usually pictured standing behind the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate at royal engagements.

And as it turns out, there’s a specific reason as to why Meghan Markle is always seen standing behind the shadow of her royal sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Apparently, the simple reason behind all this is because of the rank and ‘pecking order’ in the royal family. As royal fans are aware, there’s a lot of protocol when it comes to behaviour and etiquette in the British royal family. And this latest rule is no different.

Is it humiliating for the Duchess of Sussex?

During last year’s Trooping of the Colour ceremony, Meghan stood behind her in-laws. That included, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. And the royal fans couldn’t understand this decision at the time. Giving an interview to the reporters, Joe Little said previously:-

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“She was not as prominent, perhaps as some people might have expected. But, there’s always a pecking order. There was no slight intended. However, Prince William being the older, more senior brother would go out first with his wife, Kate. Meghan was central rather than the alternative of being in the front row and along the balcony to the left or right”.

This was not the only instance that it happened.

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This was also picked up on back in November. It was when a number of royal fans noticed that Meghan did not watch the Remembrance Day events with the rest of the family. The Duchess of Sussex watched the proceedings from the balcony of a separate window outside the Cenotaph war memorial.

We are sure, it may have seemed a bit strange at the time. However, it appears to be a decision taken due to the royal protocol. And to be fair, that involves a lot of rules.