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Meghan Markle just slagged Prince Harry for eating like a pig and his reaction is priceless.


While on their latest royal tour of Morocco, Harry and Meghan showed us their cheeky side. So, what was that they did? 

The royal couple was observed while showing their cheeky side by squeezing in a few witty digs at each other during their short stay. 

Things went from the Duke of Sussex, Harry naughtily questioning if his beloved wife, Meghan’s baby was his, by pretending he didn’t know she was pregnant to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan basically telling Harry he eats like a pig. And so, it’s safe to say that these two like to balance all their formalities with some witty banter.

There were many more things, the parents-to-be actually did.

While tasting pancakes during a cooking demo in Rabat, Morocco, the couple got to sample the local cuisines of Morocco. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan was observed to be laughing at the size of the bite that her husband, Prince Harry took from their shared sample.

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Jokingly, she said:-

“Big bite”!

To which the Duke of Sussex, Harry replied, looking startled, saying:-

“It’s a bit late now”.

And what followed was the sweet couple bursting into twin bundles of giggle and laughter. 

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Honestly speaking, we’d also be quick to point out the monstrous bite if we were made to share our food. During their visit, Meghan also gave Chef Moha, who made them food samples a copy of her cookbook. 

Not only this, but she also wrote a personal note inside the book. The personal note said she’d like him to “cook for them, next time they visit Morocco”.

The royal couple returned to the United Kingdom yesterday evening after a three-day trip. As Meghan is just few weeks away from her delivery, it is also reported that this was most probably her last official royal tour before giving birth to her and Prince Harry’s first child.