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Meghan Markle reveals the activity that is helping her through pregnancy.


The Duchess of Sussex candidly opened up about her pregnancy as she compared it to being like jet lag. She also revealed how she is coping with the changes.

Both Meghan and her husband, Harry visited the world famous Bondi Beach during the fourth day of their royal tour.

The 16-day Autumn tour will see the parents-to-be visit cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

The royal pair met One-Wave. It is a community surfing group, for Fluro Friday, a session aimed at mental health awareness, with an “anti-bad vibes” circle and yoga practice.

Charlotte Connell, was at the beach with her son Finn. She told The Royal UK about the conversation she had with Meghan.

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She said: “Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having a jet lag. She said she was up up at 4.30 AM this morning doing yoga in her room as she couldn’t sleep”.

“It’s a bit of a double whammy for her. As she has both the baby and the jet lag to content with. We both actually talked about how you feel jet lagged even though you have not travelled anywhere”.

“Even in her jet lag she got up to do yoga this morning at 4.30. Physical activity like yoga and surfing is so good for healing your mind”.

The couple spent some time listening to the experiences of the other people in the group. 

One of the people in the group, Dabriella Quayle, said:-

“They talked about the strangeness of their own situation and the lives they lead. But at the end of the day they are just real people. They are just human beings”.

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“They said they were just like us. Meghan said how she did yoga at 4.30 this morning because of the jet lag. She says she is feeling okay now”.

“The couple also mentioned, that they hadn’t really had time to settle down and get their heads round thing. And they have another 70 odd engagements to go, she said”.