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Meghan Markle will reportedly be Baptized this month.


We all know that Meghan is soon going to be married to the most handsome man, Prince Harry. But before her wedding, she will join the Church of England.

Meghan is all set to be Baptized in the Church of England this month. 

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According to some reports, Meghan’s christening will be held in a chapel at Kensington Palace sometime in or around March. The reports also say the most important part about all of this, which is that Meghan’s parents will join her for the ceremony.

The changes in Meghan Markle’s life are taking place at a high pace.

Meghan, who was raised protestant and attended Catholic school as a child, will be both, baptized and confirmed by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. It will make things quite easy for the royal couple.

This ceremony will mean a lot to many people. How?

Well, for starters, this could mark the first time Prince Harry meets his bride-to-be’s father face-to-face. During the royal couple’s first sit-down interview with the BBC Meghan shared:-

“Harry has talked to my dad a few times. But, he hasn’t been able to meet him just yet. But, I know, when they meet, they both will love each other”.

While Meghan Markle hasn’t formally joined the church yet, she is already well-versed in its rules.

In February, Welby said that her earlier divorce from Trevor Engelson is and will ‘not a problem’. ( Meghan and Engelson divorced in 2013, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’)

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Welby also said:-

“We went through that as anyone would, who will officiate at a wedding. And, at that wedding where someone has been separated and a partner is still living. I am indeed looking forward to the big day in Windsor. This wedding is going to be wonderful”.