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Meghan Markle rejected Queen Elizabeth’s efforts to silence her father.


For more than 60 years, Queen Elizabeth’s primary purpose has been to promote the survival of the British monarchy, according to a new report by Vanity Fair.

And, this is the only reason why the British monarchy is still so strong.

William’s marriage to Kate started a new era of positive PR. It continued to the time when it was Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle.

However, Her Majesty began to worry.

Her was that Prince Harry’s romance with Meghan could turn into another busted-up fairy tale. It was after some of her family members began talking to the tabloids. 

Situation with the Duchess of Sussex’s family reached a crisis point when Meghan’s father, Thomas was caught posing for paparazzi photos.  

Soon after, Thomas himself began talking to the tabloids. He said that Meghan and Harry at first forgave him for the paparazzi photos. However, they complained that they cut him off for continuing to give interviews.

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Her Majesty became very concerned that it was going out of control. 

According to Vanity Fair’s report: “Buckingham Palace wanted to be able to do something and be proactive. They wanted to make the situation go away”. 

“Queen Elizabeth told her courtiers to sort it out. But Kensington Palace, which handles the affairs of Harry, William and their families, was getting a different set of directions from Meghan”.

“She didn’t want to engage and thought that she could handle it on her own”. However, aides at both palaces tried to figure out what to do.

Vanity Fair’s source also added:-

“There was a lot of tension between courtiers within the two royal households. And I think it just got to a point where it was stalemate and neither could move”.

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In the months since, the new royal bride, Meghan has refused to speak publicly about her family. She has been trying to appear to be above the fray.

The Duchess of Sussex has instead focused on making her mark as a new royal family member and global superstar. She’s also pregnant with her and Prince Harry’s first child.

And apparently, she is preparing to set up her new royal household with Harry at Frogmore Cottage. We have reached Kensington Palace for any comments. But, the Palace has not commented on the Meghan family situation.