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Meghan Markle’s purse broke royal tradition in a major symbolic way.


Having messy buns, wearing trousers, and carrying cross-body bags rarely become the breaking news, unless you’re Meghan Markle.  

And this time, it’s her purse that’s caused all of it. 

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Meghan Markle was seen visiting Edinburgh Castle a few days back along her fiance, Prince Harry during their first official joint visit to Scotland. There, not only did she skip a demure dress in favour of polished black pants, but she also slung an East/West Mini bag by local brand, Strathberry across her body. 

The purse have an important significance for each royal woman. 

Meghan’s this move comes as a huge shock considering the important functions handbags has and still holds for the British royals. What are those? Here you go:

  1. Queen Elizabeth uses her purse to send some secret signals. Those can be while she is in a public meeting or event. 
  2. Princess Diana wielded her ‘cleavage bags’ as truly a clever device to foil unflattering paparazzi shots when bending over.
  3. Kate Middleton can be seen often clasping her clutches during public engagements. Particularly, an elegant method of avoiding awkward handshakes.

So yes, Meghan’s decision to wear a cross-body bag definitely strayed from years of royal tradition. 

But there’s no such rule against it, says royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter.

“Meghan did not actually break any kind of royal protocol. Why? Because there isn’t a royal protocol to break. Yes, she is doing these things slightly differently. We don’t generally see a royal with a cross-body bag”.

Greeted by crowds of roaring fans.

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Meghan Markle definitely seemed to appreciate having both her hands free. She was seen moving around accepting gifts, being cute with her fiance and yes, giving out handshakes. That’s probably because the real protocol is that the royals must initiate the handshake with their well-wishers, and not the other way around. Royal watchers seemed to love her for it.