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What will Meghan Markle be called, if she marries Prince Harry? Princess Meghan?

Royal blood, Prince Harry and his seven month old girlfriend Meghan Markle are rumored to be moving in together, with all signs pointing towards a future engagement for the happy couple. But would Meghan become a princess if she marries Harry?

Meghan Markle is said to be eyeing a move to London to be with her boyfriend Prince Harry.
They might move in to a renovated apartment in Kensington Palace, just a stone’s throw from Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
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An insider told The Royal UK that Harry is “in a real hurry” to move in with Meghan. He confirmed that he was dating her in a fiery statement in November 2016.

Prince Harry would no doubt get married in his military uniform

Although they are said to be ready to take the next step, it is said that Harry is in “no rush” to propose.
“They’ve been dating for just over seven months now,” a source said.
“Give it until the relationship has been going for a year and then I think we’ll have a clearer idea.”

Princess Diana’s formal title was Diana, Princess of Wales

But if the couple do eventually marry, what will Meghan’s title be?

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What will Meghan Markle’s title be if she marries Prince Harry?

Although the Suits actress could become a princess by marriage, she would not be entitled to be styled as Princess Meghan. To have princess as a title before your first name is an honor reserved for women who are born into the Royal Family.

So while Princess Charlotte is a princess because of her father’s royal status, Princess Diana was actually Diana, Princess of Wales. If Meghan were to marry Harry, she would take the feminine version of his title and be known as HRH Princess Henry of Wales.

Prince Harry Photographed Holding Hands With Meghan Markle During Date Night in London.

If Harry is made a Duke after his marriage, just like his brother, Prince William was, Meghan would become a Duchess. Royal historian Marlene Koenig believes that Prince Harry will likely be created the Duke of Sussex by the Queen on his wedding day.

“Meghan could also become HRH the Duchess of Sussex,” Joenig told Royal Contral. “Her rank would be a princess by marriage of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”
The Duchess of Cambridge is not Princess Catherine.

In the same manner the Duchess of Cambridge is not Princess Catherine, but is entitled to use the feminine version of her husband’s title: HRH Princess William of Wales.



2 thoughts on “What will Meghan Markle be called, if she marries Prince Harry? Princess Meghan?

  1. Diana was born ‘The Honorable Diana Spencer because she was the daughter of a Viscount ( not yet an Earl as Diana’s grandfather was still alive. When the grandfather died, viscount Spencer became Earl Spencer & Diana & her 2 sisters became ‘Lady’ while their brother Charles Spencer became Viscount.

  2. During her marriage, Diana was styled Her Royal Highness Diana , Princess of Wales. Never Princess Diana, this was just a term of endearment from the people.
    After the divorce the HRH was removed & she was Diana, Princess of Wales.

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