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Meghan Markle’s ‘family of hell’ feud likely to worsen with royal baby’s arrival.


Meghan’s turbulent relationship with her family has been thrown into the limelight again this week, after Thomas Markle spoke to media again.

Royal commentator, Andrew Morton said Meghan’s public dispute with her father and half-sister is likely to continue after the baby arrives. As, they could be complaining they did not see the baby.

Mr Morton told The Royal UK: “Do not think for a moment that this family feud is going to end any time soon. There is this new but a little matter of baby Sussex arriving in April. Amid the joy will be a public lament from Meghan’s father wondering if he will ever be allowed to see his grandchild”. 

There were many more things Mr Morton said in the interview.

He went as far as saying that the Duchess of Sussex had a ‘family from hell’. He also said that they were not going to release her from purgatory easily.

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Thomas Markle, who is 74 years-old said he was left devastated by his daughter, Meghan’s letter. The letter said that her heart had been thrown “into a million pieces”. Not only this, she also wrote that it was hurting her that he demanded a photo shoot with the Duchess.

The letter that Meghan Markle wrote, read as:-

“Your actions have broken my heart into a million pieces. Not simply because you have manufactured such unnecessary pain, but by making the choice to not tell the truth as you area puppeteer in this. This is something, I will never understand”.

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Samantha has said that Meghan’s letter was ‘nasty’ and their father may even release more of it. She has also launched an angry Twitter tirade against Meghan Markle claiming that the Duchess would care about her if she was a multi-millionaire.

Now, there are some more additions to the circle.

Hollywood actors and friends of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, has also got involved in the public battle this week. Her fiends were noted saying that Meghan was being ‘vilified like Princess Diana’.

Probably, this family feud will never come to an end. However, we just hope that the Sussex Baby is kept out of it. As, there is no need to involve a little angel in their mess.