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Meghan Markle to wear Princess Diana’s wedding tiara?


As shown by future royal bride, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, it’s clear that Prince Harry wants to honour his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry kept Diana’s memory alive recently by adding diamonds from her jewellery collection to Meghan’s custom sparkler.

While we hope Harry can say that he felt his mother’s presence at his May 19 nuptials, his bride herself might also find her own way to honour Princess Diana on their big day.

The question is how will she do it?

For Meghan’s ‘something borrowed’ wedding-day piece, the soon-to-be bride might sport the same tiara Princess Diana wore when she married Prince Charles.

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According to experts at Debrett’s, a London-based etiquette authority, Diana’s famous, Spencer tiara could make a royal wedding comeback.

Some experts reported to The Royal UK:- 

“Both on her wedding day and on a number of other formal occasions, Diana wore a tiara owned by her family. That tiara is also known as the Spencer tiara”.

“That special piece has not been worn in public since Princess Diana’s death. But there are rumours that the Spencer family may lend it to Prince Harry’s bride for the occasion of their wedding in May”.

If Meghan is to sport a royal headpiece for her wedding, she’ll have several options at her disposal worn. This will also include the Spencer tiara.

Princess Diana’s relatives now own her historic tiara instead of the royal family. So, Meghan should have no problem getting access to this topper for her nuptials if she chooses to wear it.

We are convinced that the couple will honour Princess Diana on their big day.

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Prince Harry and his soon-to-be bride, Meghan Markle will surely find some way to commemorate his late mother as they say ‘I do’. After all, Harry revealed during the couple’s first joint interview, that his mother and fiance would have been ‘thick as thieves’.

So, it’s pretty clear that the royal pair will keep the people’s Princess, Diana close to their hearts forever.