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Meghan Markle given ‘new strict set of rules’ by the Queen in a furious telling-off

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has reportedly been “ripped into” by Queen Elizabeth during a private meeting amid rumours of growing tensions within the royal family. 

Meghan Markle vows never to speak to dad Thomas Markle again.

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The newest Royal bride, Meghan, loses the second aide amid reports the Duchess is ‘difficult’ 

According to New Idea, a source told The Royal UK that the Duchess was subjected to a furious telling-off by Queen Elizabeth, which they dubbed “a Buckingham Palace bollocking”. 

“You don’t ever want to be summoned to the Queen’s private reception,” the source said.  “The Queen told Meghan that she’s ‘destroyed Harry’ by coming between him and Prince William and Kate.”

The report comes amid rampant speculation that the royal ‘fab four’ have been feuding. Harry and Meghan reneged on plans to live next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the two duchesses are said to have had several rows.

Kate Middleton allegedly reprimanded Meghan for her treatment of a member of staff, however, Buckingham Palace said the incident “never happened” in a rare statement. Multiple media outlets also reported that Kate had been “left in tears” during a dress fitting in the lead up to Meghan’s royal wedding to Harry.

“No one at the palace has seen the Queen this incensed before!” the source continued. “Meghan was given a new set of rules, which included not upsetting Kate or William, or any of their staff.

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“Meghan was dumbfounded but she kept her head high.”

Despite being dubbed ‘difficult’ in the press, The Duchess of Sussex has been all smiles while making public appearances with her growing baby bump. A fan recently captured the moment she felt her baby kick while on stage at the British Fashion Awards.