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Meghan Markle’s sister says she’ll be responsible if their dad dies.

Meghan Markle

It’s really disgusting when you read some nasty comments about your favorite Royal. Well, Meghan Markle has a history of getting unwanted comments from her relatives.

This time it’s her sister, Samantha Markle, who is making some nasty comments about her and the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas Markle can’t stop or probably won’t stop talking to the media about her and Prince Harry.  As a result of this, the Royals have completely iced him out. A source already told The Royal UK that couple is ” very much frustrated” with this kind of behavior.

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He keeps speaking to the tabloids and taking payment for interviews and because of this, they “haven’t had any contact” with him. And um, Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle is pissed.

Samantha Markle blames Meghan Markle for their father’s illness

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In a series of Tweets to her private account, Samantha called Meghan out for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela instead of her own dad. She also claimed she’d hold Meghan responsible if their dad died, which, erm, seems like a pretty solemn thing to say.

Samantha also accused Meghan of ~gallivanting around.

And said she should be ashamed of herself—while calling the Royals an “embarrassment.”

Hmm… While it’s, of course, sad that Meghan and her father allegedly haven’t been in touch, it *might* help if he stopped gabbing to morning TV shows about the details of her private life…right?