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Can Meghan Markle turn royals into a modern UK family?


Nearly 71 percent of Brits say the United States actress’ engagement to Prince Harry will definitely boost the image of the royals and Britain.

MEGHAN Markle might help turn the Royals into a thoroughly modern British family, most people believe.

The American TV actress will wipe away some of their stuffiness. She will also make them more in touch with millions of ordinary folks, like us.

Nearly six out of ten people believe that she and hubby-to-be Prince Harry will become great ambassadors for the UK. Many people also believe their marriage next year will give the country a much-needed lift.

Meghan has won millions of heart all over the world. All the credit goes to her relaxed, care-free manner. The fact that she is divorced and of mixed race makes her seem more like a commoner. Most say the wedding will bring a general feel-good factor for the royals and the general mood of the country.

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Seven in ten people – ie nearly 71 percent – believe it is a positive sign for the Royal family. 59 percent Britons also believe that it will work wonders for the nation.

But they are split over whether or not it will boost British business. And they are even sceptical if it will do anything to improve the popularity of the government or their own household fortunes.

Research director Gregor Jackson said: “The majority of people living in the UK agree that will make the Royal Family look modern and more in touch with most British families. Only a handful of people– only 11 percent disagree with that.

“They think the couple will make great ambassadors for the UK and its people. “While some have suggested that the glitz undermines the traditional respectability of the Monarchy by making it more like show business than a serious institution, this is not a widely-held view.”

But there is little comfort for Theresa May in the poll. Only 26 percent think the feel-good factor will help the Tories, compared with 41 percent who say not.

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The Royal wedding hasn’t given the PM a bounce in the polls – with her party trailing Labour by one point.

Mrs May leads Jeremy Corbyn by 40 points to 32 when it comes to who people think is the best PM. But her lead over Mr Corbyn has fallen from 21 points to just eight since May. Mr Corbyn is also seen as doing a better job as Labour leader than Mrs May is performing as PM.