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Will Meghan Markle change her last name now? Or will she follow Kate’s footsteps?

Meghan Markle

There’s been so much excitement surrounding the newlyweds, Harry and Meghan. And now that, Meghan is married, is she changing her last name? 

Last names and royals don’t go together in the most traditional sense.

Like Meghan, Catherine was what one would consider a commoner when she married the Duke of Cambridge. So, it stands to reason that Meghan is opting out for her name in a similar way to Kate. 

Even though the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t addressed by an official last name, people still often refer to her as ‘Kate Middleton’. And, it’s pretty known that people still call Meghan, ‘Meghan Markle’.

Though, it’s more common for members born in the royal family.

It’s common for them to simply go by their first names and titles. Since the Duchess of Sussex married into this tradition, she’ll follow their protocol.

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There have been some occasions when the royals have to use a last name. In those situations, there are a couple of options they have for their surname.

Members of the royal family have used their titles as last names in certain situations. Like when Prince George started school in September, his parents decided that he would go by ‘George Cambridge’. This last name ties back to his Prince of Cambridge title.

The British royals aren’t totally devoid of a last name.

On the British royal family’s official website, they described that when there is a need for a surname, the family goes by their house or dynasty. And here, the case is ‘Mountbatten-Windsor’.

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Honestly, Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor has a pretty good ring to it. Although, you’ll probably never hear anyone referring her this. She’ll most certainly go by her Duchess title, which is The Duchess of Sussex.