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Why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton don’t have Princess titles?


Royal experts have explained why the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan don’t have princess titles. 

Have you ever wondered why the royal mother of three, Kate Middleton, or the soon-to-be royal mother, Meghan Markle, aren’t referred to as ‘Princess’?

Well actually, it could have something to do with Camilla Parker-Bowles. She is also known as the Duchess of Cornwall. Royal experts recently discussed this topic during an episode of The Royal Box. It is a new video series from Yahoo UK. Victoria Arbiter and Kate Williams, recently explained the subject in lengthy detail.

Are we to blame Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla for this?

Well, it seems that Camilla took the title Duchess of Cornwall instead of Princess. But, why did she do it? She did it as a mark of respect to the late Princess Diana. As Camilla made the decision to opt for Duchess, Kate and Meghan’s titles have followed suit according to The Express.

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As Ms Williams explained, saying: “That’s why it’s Duchess’ throughout the royal family. It’s basically because Camilla is a Duchess”.

Being a historian, Kate Williams certainly know things about the British royal family.

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Kate, with her knowledge as a historian, also explained how Camilla Parker Bowles’ title may change when the Prince of Wales, Charles becomes King. Ms Williams also added:-

“There has not been an official notification yet. And to be honest, Prince Charles has said in a few interviews, he used the word ‘Queen’. So, it’s obviously more Charles’ expectation and wishes that she would be Queen. But at the moment, the official line is that she’ll be Princess Consort”.