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How is Meghan Markle coping up with her new life as a royal?

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has changed herself a lot, so that she can fit into her new home. She has failed to do so many times, but stood up again and tried harder. 

From where does she gets such strength and confidence?

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It’s her mother, Doria Ragland. When her mother accompanied the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan to the church on her wedding day. She drew plaudits for being a strong and solo role model.

With Meghan, initially entering St. George’s Chapel alone and walking unaccompanied up the aisle, Doria watched on. There were tears in her eyes, as her daughter joined Prince Harry at the altar.

Those who know the two women are not surprised at the display of self-confidence.

According to Meghan’s friend, Daniel Martin:-

“Meghan draws a lot of strength from her mother. Her mother, Doria is classy, chic and quite confident. But, let me tell you one thing, she is not unapproachable. I definitely feel that Meghan gets all of it from her mother”.

Talks going on at the royal wedding.

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The characteristics that inspired Meghan Markle’s steady confidence were plain to see. Especially for those who met Doria at the parties following the Windsor Castle wedding on May 19.

While talking to one of the guests present at the wedding, she said: “Doria has a softness, but I detected a steely core to her. She has come through a hell of a lot. She was lovely to talk to and was bursting with pride”.