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Meghan Markle’s Christmas gift had the Queen left in shock.


What do you think the members of the Royal family gift each other on Christmas? Cars? Tiaras? Some branded stuff, or something we can’t buy?

The Royal Christmas isn’t the stuff of luxury!

Well, their Christmas’ gifting tradition is quite different. And in fact, we can also try it out. The royal family members gift each other something out-of-the-box. 

The brand and the price tag has nothing to do with it. They present each other with comical and relatable gifts and open them on the Christmas Eve.

So, what did the Duchess of Sussex gift to Her Majesty?

We are sure that Meghan would have had a tough time thinking what exactly to gift the Queen. She has keep a long-standing tradition in mind and make sure that the gift does not offend anyone. 

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Well, As per a British tabloid, the new royal bride, Meghan gifted Her Majesty a singing hamster that left her in shock. However, what about other family members?

What gifts did they give?

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Once the Duke of Sussex, Harry gifted his grandmother a shower cap. It had the caption ‘Ain’t life a b****’ printed on it. Not just this, Charles was once gifted a leather toilet seat by Anne and it turned out to be his most cherished gift.

But, what about this year? This year is Meghan’s second Christmas with the royal family. And, the members of the British royal family would be again gifting each other something quirky.

We are already wondering what the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan would be wondering about gifting her new in-laws. Well, we will juat have to wait till the time comes.