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Meghan Markle’s €3 beauty ‘travel essential’ is one we’re popping into our suitcase!

Meghan Markle

Between early morning royal duties, long-haul flights and the dreaded jet lag, holidays can take a serious toll on the royals.

And there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination looking and feeling absolutely jaded.

For a royal, who is always on a public display, be it men or women, it is a serious problem. And so, it is really important for the royals to keep their skin glowing and fresh.

Have you ever wondered why Meghan Markle’s skin always glow, even after working for so many hours?

Well, Meghan Markle , who is also expecting her first born in the month of April of 2019, just revealed what she uses to constantly keep her skin looking fresh and radiant.

Yes, the 37-year-old royal told her fans that her go-to beauty essential and the way she beats tired mum eyes is all down to Garnier’s €2.30 eye tissue mask.

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That’s something new, isn’t it? 

The eye sheet mask is created with hyaluronic acid and orange juice. It is exactly what your skin actually needs, to give a new lease of life especially when you’re forever on-the-go.

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This Garnier mask works by using a cooling effect. It helps to reduce puffy, red eyes and make you look and feel more revitalised in minutes.

In an interview, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan said:-

“I really feel tired after working for a continuous period. So, whenever, I get a chance, I pop one of these sheet masks whilst airborne”.

“I set my timer for 20 minutes, and just relax for some time. It really works for me. It makes me feel fresh and ready-to-go”.