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Apparently being a Meghan Markle lookalike is the latest side hustle.


Have you ever heard the word, Doppelganger? If not, then get used to hearing it for some time. There is a desperate need for a Doppelganger. Wondering of whom?

It’s none other than Meghan Markle.

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Do you look like Meghan Markle? Wanna earn some money and have fun? If so, you probably could be in luck. Ms. Meghan Markle has long been a Hollywood name, staring on hit US drama, Suits for about seven years. She properly came onto the news when her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed. 

Meghan Markle has earned herself a loyal band of followers and fans.

With their wedding all set to take place this year on 19th May, Meghan has started making her official royal appearances. Lately, her schedule has been tight due to the increase in royal engagements she is attending. 

It’s hardly surprising that Meghan’s nose has become a popular plastic surgery request these days. And the clothes that she wears, are selling out overnight.

There is something surprising that has come out of Meghan Markle’s popularity.

It’s a surge in careers. But, only for women who are lucky enough to look just like her. Lookalike agencies are actively looking for Meghan Markle Doppelganger. In fact, one agency already has 20 Meghan Markle on its books. The starting rate is £400 for a couple of hours’ work which might rise up to £2000 for a full day’s work. Looking at it, it’s no surprise that more and more of women are turning to the profession as a side hustle.

One Meghan Markle lookalike, 35-year-old charity worker, Sarah Mhlanga explained:

“When Prince Harry announced his engagement, my life changed overnight. All of a sudden my husband and friends were telling me I resembled his bride-to-be. But, I had to google Meghan Markle to see what all the fuss was really about. I went from being a typical school-run mum to being stopped half a dozen times a day by strangers”. 

“Surprisingly, what they ask for is a selfie and autograph or they on social media would contact me. I didn’t plan to try lookalike work but I started getting contacted by lookalike agencies and journalists. And now I’m inundated with offers from around the world. I’ve also been booked for bridal shows, modeling jobs and some photo-shoots”.

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Sarah even went on explaining how she now styles herself so they lookalike. She said: “‘I’m the same height, size, and color as Meghan. Buying clothes now is so much easier because I just check what she is wearing. It indeed saves huge amounts of time”.