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Meghan Markle pulls a Kate Middleton and repeats a stunning past look.


Royal fans might not have seen it on the Duchess of Sussex’s face, but she has suffered from some hard time, in order to get on with the royal rules.

However, while adjusting into the new environment, she has Harry and Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate helped her new sister-in-law to cope up with the stress. And so, Kate helped Meghan to dress according to the royal protocol.

Now, it looks like Meghan Markle may be taking all the fashion advice from Kate Middleton.

Now that the American-born philanthropist is a royal, she has to be very strategic about what she wears. She may be a fashion icon that any brand would be happy to have as an ambassador.

However, per royal traditions, she has to purchase many of her looks or receive approval from the castle on gifts. Thus with her large number of appearances, like Kate, she’s dipping back into her wardrobe to pull out stunning garments that’s she worn before.

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Meghan’s wardrobe is filled with stunning looks.

Yesterday, we spotted the Duchess of Sussex wearing three items that we’ve seen before. For Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Lunch, she wore an Erdem dress with the Gillian Anderson Navy Coat. 

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The Erdem Davina Silk Organza Dress features a high neckline and sheer, navy blue fabric with green and yellow flowers. It’s a mid-length dress with a skirt that covers her growing baby bump. 

This dress, the Duchess of Sussex decided to wear was not a maternity dress. However, it looked just perfect for the occasion. 

We’ve seen it before. In 2016, Meghan wore the dress on The Today Show. There she talked about the latest fashion trends.