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Meghan Markle once interviewed Ivanka Trump


Prior to the meeting with Prince Harry, Meghan used to run a lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’. There on her blog, she often published conversations with the people who had great ‘influencing powers’.

Those series were called the ‘Tig Talk’. Back in the year 2014, the soon-to-be-royal-bride interviewed the current US president’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Meghan Markle a few months back shut down her website but all thanks to the technology, we can still access that exchange between two of this year’s most talked about women but of course for different reasons.

At the point of time, Ms Meghan Markle described Ivanka Trump as staggeringly beautiful, savvy and an intelligent woman.

“She does it all” Meghan Markle wrote on her blog while telling about Ivanka’s accomplishments. They were from attending Wharton to launching the Trump Hotel Collection, a jewellery line in the United States.

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The conversation was not what anyone would call hard-hitting.

Not to forget, all this conversation was almost a year before Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy for president by descending down an escalator at Trump Tower.

That time, Ivanka was still best known for hawking a very precise and specific brand of feminism. It was the kind of brand that came with a clever hashtag and was designed to sell office-appropriate pumps.

Let’s move on to the conversation Ivanka Trump and Meghan Markle had. When asked about what is the thing she couldn’t live without, Ivanka responded, “My husband, two sweet children and chapstick”.

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Ms Trump also spoke about visiting Patagonia and the laughable hypothetical scenario. At that time she only uses to have $10 in her pocket. She would use it to take her husband and daughter for an ‘ice cream date’ and spend the extra bucks on a balloon.

If only these two women could have seen at that time that how much their worlds would change in just three years. However, both these women have come a long way in their lives now.