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Meghan dropped a big hint when she made her debut with Prince Harry one year ago!


When Meghan Markle made her debut alongside then-boyfriend Prince Harry exactly one year ago today, she dropped a giant clue that she was headed for the royal altar. 

Last September in 2017, it wasn’t just their loving gazes and their sweet walk hand-in-hand into the Invictus Games in Toronto, that had everyone talking.

Meghan’s classic white button-down shirt carried an important message. The oversized big shirt is also known as the “Husband Shirt”. It was specially designed for Meghan Markle by designer friend Misha Nonoo.

Nonoo is also said to be the mysterious matchmaker. Nonoo is rumoured to be the mastermind behind setting up Meghan and Harry for a blind date in July 2016. She is a Bahrain-born businesswoman, who was raised in London, has long run in royal circles. Until 2016, she was married to Paddle8 founder Alexander Gilkes, who is one of Harry’s closest friends.

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The “Husband Shirt,” which costs $185, gets its name from its roomy fit and is modelled after “husband’s shirts, past, present and future,” Nonoo previously told The Royal UK.

And it definitely predicted Meghan’s future. Just two months later, on November 27, Clarence House announced the couple’s engagement, and their history-making royal wedding took place six months later at Windsor Castle.

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Now, just one year later, Meghan is set for her first solo engagement as the Duchess of Sussex on Tuesday when she attends the Royal Academy Oceania Exhibition opening in London.

And she’ll do so on her own — without Harry or any other royal family member by her side — making today the perfect full circle moment for the modern day royal.