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Why Meghan and Harry’s kids will have different surnames to Kate and William’s?


Way back when William and Harry started school, Diana and Charles decided they wanted their kids to live a more normal life.

So, they decided to give their children the surname ‘Wales’. Basically, the whole royal family-surname business is a very complicated one. 

It was probably more Princess Diana’s doing, as she wanted her kids to have regular childhood. A childhood in which she would bring them out to theme parks and play areas even if it went against royal protocol. When George started school, William and Kate followed suit and decided to call their son George Cambridge. 

So, we are guessing this will be the tradition that will follow.

We are presuming that when Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will start their school, they will too take up the surname ‘Cambridge’. And it also means that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan’s kids will have a different second name from their cousins. 

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Many people already very much doubt that the soon-to-be parents, Meghan and Harry will want to be acutely royal when they have children. So, the couple will probably go along with Princess Diana and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s decision. They will keep their kids’ surnames as ‘Sussex’.

It would be just perfect to see all the kids together.

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We have already seen the three royal kids of the Cambridge family. And so, we know how cute and smart all the three kids are. However, its almost time to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby now.

Well, the baby will no doubt be absolutely adorable. And Harry will probably break even more royal protocols with the baby as he and Meghan seem more down to earth. But, it’ll be interesting to find out all the same.