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Fans question why Meghan & Harry are missing from the Queen’s Christmas speech?


The Fans of the Royal Family have questioned why Meghan and Harry are missing from the Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast?

Christmas pictures released show the monarch about to give her annual broadcast and surrounded by members of her family.

You can see the Cambridge family – Queen Elizabeth’s grandson William with his wife Kate. The 3 kids are namely George, Charlotte and Louis can also be seen. The eldest child of the Queen Prince Charles and Camilla, and finally the Queen’s significant other, Prince Philip. Taking a glance at the collection of photographs, it’s quite obvious that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex together with child Archie are excluded.

Obviously, there are various potential clarifications. The Cambridge family Christmas card 2019 highlights were leaked online a week ago. Or maybe the Sussex perhaps the Sussex version wasn’t finalised at the time of the photo.

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It could likewise be on the grounds that Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George are altogether heirs to the throne whereas Prince Harry is certainly not an immediate successor.

Some have even proposed that given the rumours about a break between Harry, Meghan and the remainder of the royals, now would have been a decent time to include them, particularly as was Archie’s first Christmas.

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There’s most likely no reason to worry about it however that hasn’t halted the speculations. It appears that the Sussex family’s choice to spend “some private family time” in Canada this festive season was the main reason. The remainder of the royal family, however, proceeded with the yearly convention of visiting the Queen at her Sandringham residence.

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The best reason which emerged out as a possible reason was:

Let’s not fake outrage with the pic of the Queen with Meghan and Harry. Queen Elizabeth legit only has pics of the line of succession.