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Meghan Markle tore Prince Harry and Kate Middleton apart?


In her very first interview with Prince Harry, Meghan gushed that her sister-in-law Kate had been wonderful by welcoming her into the family from day one.

But in a matter of few months, things have changed a lot.

Now, after weeks of speculation about what came between Kate and Meghan, palace insiders have finally spoken out with the truth. 

They revealed the newest royal recruit has snubbed the Duchess of Cambridge in what is being labelled as the ultimate act of betrayal.

According to a tabloid known as ‘Now To Love’, palace insider reveals the tension is all due to Meghan becoming green with envy over Harry’s close bond with Kate.

According to Now To Love’s palace insider:-

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“Kate and Harry get along brilliantly. They’re always laughing when they’re together. And people think that Meghan is incredibly jealous of their bond”. 

“When Prince Harry told his brother and sister-in-law, William and Kate he’d finally found the one, they couldn’t wait to meet her. Kate knows how daunting it is to become a royal”.

“And also to have to learn about everything that comes with the role. She bent over backwards to help the Duchess of Sussex settle in and give her guidance and training”.

“And now, it’s as if Meghan is throwing all that back in her face”.

Some things are visible quite easily.

With all the things going on, it quickly became apparent that the Duchess of Sussex was less than impressed at taking direction from Kate. Now To Love’s insider added, saying:-

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“The new bride is not afraid of bending the rules. Although Kate has been on hand to give her advice at every turn, Meghan has made it clear that she would rather figure things out for herself”.

“It’s been a slap in the face for the Duchess of Cambridge. She prefers to just focus on herself and Harry as a couple. And now their new baby too”.

“Before all this, Prince William and Prince Harry were close. But this has caused tension between the brothers”.

Well, this was something, Now To Love’s palace insider said. However, it’s upon you all to decide, whether Meghan Markle created a drift between Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or not.