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Meghan’s honeymoon period OVER as Prince Harry fears wife is just like Diana!


Meghan has Prince Harry fearing that she will suffer from the same afflicting treatment Princess Diana was forced to go through.

As commentator, Angela Mollard says the “honeymoon period” for the royal couple could soon be over.

Soon-to-be royal mother has struggled to ease into her new role as a Duchess. She has reportedly sparked concerns in Prince Harry, that she could be subjected to the same treatment Diana had to endure since marrying into the British royal family.

Angela Mollard suggested:-

The feelings of misery Meghan is reportedly having could be a result of the stressful period she is going through. As right now, she is preparing for motherhood and for changes in her relationship with Harry. Asked whether the “honeymoon period” was over for Meghan and Harry, Ms Mollard told The Morning Show:-

“It has to be over. These two in July will have known each other for about three years. We know, as you get into the three-year period of the relationship, it doesn’t so much get boring. But, it does get real. The state of being in love and infatuation dissipates after three years. Remains to be seen with these two”.

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“This comes at a time when she’s made massive changes in her life. There are so many stress factors, that it wouldn’t be surprising if she had feelings of misery. Harry apparently feels very guilty about the fact. It’s becoming a repeat of what his mother suffered”.

Prince Harry will protect Meghan Markle for when she gives birth to her child.

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“Harry couldn’t protect his mother, Diana. And we know from the early days, when he made the unprecedented statement ‘please, leave her alone’, he is very protective of her. Meghan should take the advice of Michelle Obama. She has come out and said ‘you need to take it slowly. Do not do everything at once, you’re having a baby. Just feel your way gently'”.

Meghan and Harry made their first joint public appearance in Birkenhead on Monday during which the Duchess of Sussex made the unprecedented decision to confirm that she is six months. And she said the due date of her baby is in late April.