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Why Meghan and Harry are getting married in a church but Charles and Camilla didn’t?


Time has changed, and so has the royal family. There was a time, when King Edward, abdicated throne so as to marry an American and a divorced woman.

And now, it’s Prince Harry who is marrying an American and a divorced woman. But, the Queen has given her blessing.

There was time when Harry marrying Meghan Markle would have been a scandal so large, that it would shake the British monarchy to its core.

Comparisons of Meghan Markle to Wallis Simpson and the Abdication aren’t without their logic.

But since it’s 2018, Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding will take place in just a matter of weeks. And, it will be help in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

That’s a striking difference from Harry’s father, Prince Charles’s own wedding. Charles married Camilla, in 2005 in a civil ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall. Then, they received a church blessing at the chapel after-ward.

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Just like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla is also a divorcee and was married to a catholic. But, back at that time, the wedding venue was an issue, and this time it isn’t.

So what’s really the difference?

According to Duncan Larcombe, a royal author gave a statement saying:-

“I really think it is just a reflection that time’s moved on, things have changed. As a general rule, the royal family tend to be about 25 years behind the rest of the society”.

About a century ago, Edward had to give up the British throne in order to marry a divorced woman. But, society has a much different view of divorce today.

Divorce is no longer a major scandal. 

The Church of England allows, in special circumstances, for people to remarry in the church even if their former spouse is still living. It is a decision that is left up to the individual priest.

Of course, Prince Charles’ second marriage received an endorsement from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Yet, he chose to marry in a civil ceremony, which suggests there was another issue at play here.

What was the whole issue about?

While there is a bit increase in Camilla’s popularity, 87.78 % of Britons do not think she should be Queen, and only 12.22 % thinks she is fit for the role.

The British public still hasn’t forgotten the part Camilla played in Charles and Diana’s divorce. Hence, it’s possible that the palace thought people wouldn’t look kindly on a big church wedding.

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In contrast, people around the world are filled with love by Meghan and are curious to learn more about the upcoming royal wedding. The preparations are on a go and people are just excited for them to be happy together. 

Charles and Camilla reportedly opted for a civil ceremony and not a church wedding to keep things low-key.

At first, they wanted the civil ceremony to be held at Windsor Castle, but it was later moved onto Windsor Guildhall. Why? Because, if they licensed the castle for wedding ceremonies, the private residence would have to be open to members of the public to get married there for three years.