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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry talks about their bachelor party.


With about three months left on their wedding day, Harry and Meghan’s wedding planning is in full swing. But, they still have another party they need to plan. 

It’s their Bachelor and Bachelorette party. Excited? We are too.

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Its all goodbyes to single life and hello to the royal family. Meghan Markle is all set to marry the love of her life, Prince Harry. Meghan has recently revealed that her bachelorette party has been planned, but she doesn’t quite know what she’s in for.

It was Valentine’s Day when the couple was seen at a public engagement. 

During a walkabout in Edinburgh, Scotland with her fiance, Harry on Tuesday, Meghan spoke to all her well-wishers including Tom Martin. Tom is a 30-year-old man who lives in London.

Mr Martin said: “We asked the royal couple what they were doing for their stag and hen dos”? To which Ms Meghan replied: ‘I’m not really sure, it’s quite sorted but it will be fun. To this Prince, Harry replied: I don’t know about it yet”.

Mr Martin added: “They seem really nice, happy and quite relaxed. She seemed to take it all in her stride. Meghan was introducing herself with ‘Hi, I’m Meghan’. It was as if no-one knew who she was”. 

The royal couple greeted their fans warmly and graciously.

Harry and Meghan spent about 25 minutes greeting the crowds who had waited outside Edinburgh Castle for a very long time. They just wanted to catch a glimpse of the couple. Carolyn Chisholm, a royal fan, presented Meghan with some heart-shaped potato scones from the bakery she runs with her husband.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen walking side-by-side the whole time.

Later in the day, the couple visited Social Bite, a social business and cafe which is located in Edinburgh’s New Town. The social enterprise distributes about 100,000 items of food and hot drinks to homeless people each year. They also employ staff who have experienced homelessness themselves.

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Harry and Meghan rounded off their visit at the Palace of Holyrood-house, where they attended a reception to celebrate youth achievements, marking Scotland’s Year of Young People, 2018.